Inclusive Education

Namao School is uniquely positioned to offer Specialized Programming which focuses on functional academics, life skills, competency building, social/emotional development, communication and self help.  Program structure is highly personalized and adapted to meet the specific needs of students. Students  have access to flexible programs, activities, experiences and environments that maximize opportunities for growth and learning. Working together as a team of teachers, educational assistants, parents, community, school, specialized services, staff and students, we create safe, respectful and collaborative learning environments where students are prepared to reach their full potential.

Individual Program Plans

In order to meet the cognitive, physiological, and emotional needs of each student, an Individual Program Plan is developed. This is developed through collaboration of a specialized team of teachers, and if needed other professionals involved with the students such as: occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, speech language therapists and behaviour specialists. Each plan outlines specific goals, objectives and strategies that help individual students reach their targeted potential.

Division Notice

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