Inclusive Education

Namao School offers the GOALS program to provide programming for children with high needs including cognitive, physical and behavioural challenges.

The GOALS program prides itself in maintaining a very holistic approach in providing individual programming for each of our students. Opportunities will be provided to our students to experience various types of learning. These will include community field trips, math, science, social, health, language arts, crafts, art and building receptive and expressive language skills. The program offers extensive small group and one to one programming in the following areas:

  • Functional Academics
  • Speech and communication
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Personal and social skills
  • Domestic and vocational skills
  • Community training
  • Sensory Stimulation

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement plays a critical role in developing individual programs. At the beginning of the year, an Individual Program Plan form is sent to the parents/guardians of the student to promote parental input and guidance in planning an individualized program for their child. Two case conferences are held throughout the year with the teacher and parents/guardians to discuss the individual student’s progress. A midpoint goal progress report is sent home to inform parents and ask for feedback. Every day, a communication book is sent home to report daily progress, upcoming events, concerns, etc.

Individual Program Plans

In order to meet the cognitive, physiological, and emotional needs of each student, an Individual Program Plan is developed. This is developed through collaboration of a specialized team of teachers, and if needed other professionals involved with the students such as: occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, speech language therapists and behaviour specialists. Each plan outlines specific goals, objectives and strategies that help individual students reach their targeted potential.

Behavioural Expectations

Each student in the GOALS program is expected to conduct him or herself in accordance with classroom and school expectations. We do not accept behaviours that hurt others physically or emotionally. All students are expected to treat each other and staff members with respect, kindness and care.

In order to deal with students that may exhibit behaviours, various strategies are employed to ensure a safe learning environment. These strategies may range from the use of checklists, behaviour charts or spend some time in the reset space.