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Celebrating Creativity: Highlights from the Creative Arts Festival

The Creative Arts Festival hosted at Sturgeon Composite High School on April 18th was a vibrant celebration of young talent, showcasing artistic brilliance from students across the division! The festival serves as a platform for budding artists to express themselves and share their unique perspectives with the community.

Students and families had the opportunity to interact with peers, share techniques and learn from each other's artistic experiences. A few pieces from each school were then chosen to be put on display at the upcoming Sturgeon Night of Music at the Winspear - after that, they will make their way to Central Office for the entire division to see! Seeing their artwork displayed, and receiving praise from teachers and peers alike, undoubtedly booster our student's confidence and encourages then to continue exploring their creative processes.

Congratulations to the following students whose artwork was chosen to be put on display this spring: Blair C, Tate H, Parker G, Shayna C, Kennedy B, Zofia B and Brock P!

Thank you to Ms. Tamburro and all of the volunteers who made the festival a huge success!



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