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Healthy Hunger Hot Lunch Program

Healthy Hunger is an ongoing fundraiser that provides hot lunches to students in Grades 1-9. All funds raised go directly to the Nutrition Allocation Fund which is used to support initiatives such as the school wide pancake breakfast and the office snack food program, along with other fun nutrition based events.

Please CLICK HERE to set up your Healthy hunger account and to place your orders.

Orders must be submitted at least five days prior to scheduled delivery date. Hot lunch days will run on Wednesdays beginning October 4th.


*Please note that if your student is absent for a Healthy hunger day and you are unable to cancel the order, you must contact either the School Office or Erin at to let us know what you would like done with the lunch. If no clear instructions are communicated by 11am on the Hot Lunch Day, the NSFA will have the final say on what happens to the food.


Thank you for your support!

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