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STEAM Students Showcase Tiny Home Projects with Innovative Structures and Smart Technology!

Before the holiday break, our STEAM students embarked on a journey to design and construct tiny homes that seamlessly blend architectural prowess with cutting-edge technology. 

The adventure began with a comprehensive lesson on building structures (with help from Mr. Jamieson!), equipping our students with the fundamental knowledge needed to tackle the challenge of creating compact yet functional living spaces. From understanding load-bearing principles, to mastering the art of efficient space utilization, our budding architects laid the groundwork for what would become an exceptional showcase of innovation. 

Following the architectural phase, the students delved into the realm of electrical coding, exploring the intersection of design and technology. Mr. Olson, an electrical engineer form Levven Electrical, joined Mrs. Eisenkrein in teaching the students how to seamlessly integrate electrical systems into their tiny homes, preparing them to tackle their next project!

Splitting into teams, the students were challenged to design a tiny home, and then bring their visions to life! Once they were assembled, the next hurdle was to code a working alarm system for the front doors of the structures. Armed with cardboard, scrap wood and a whole bunch of creativity, the teams worked together to construct miniature models that reflected their unique perspectives on modern living.

A highlight of the project having Mr. Olson and Mr. Jamieson return as judges to witness the impressive results of many hours of hard work. Each tiny home boasted innovative structural design while showcasing the real-world applications of their learning experiences.

All that is to say that the recent tiny home projects undertaken by our STEAM students stand as a testament to the power of interdisciplinary leaning. Through lessons in building structures, electrical coding and collaborative teamwork, our students have no only constructed physical models but have also built a foundation for a future where innovation knows no bounds!

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