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Grade 2's Set Sail in STEAM!

Ahoy their landlubbers!

The Grade 2 students recently embarked on a thrilling in-school field trip that transported them into the adventurous world of pirates. With creativity and scientific curiosity at the helm, the young sailors crafted their own pirate ships, ensuring seaworthiness with a coat of waterproof wax crayon and personalized flags fluttering in the sea breeze.

Once their vessels were shipshape, the intrepid sailors navigated their way into the STEAM room, where excitement awaited on the high seas of science. The first challenge? A daring boat race to test the mettle of their handcrafted pirate ships! The students each had a chance to calculate the distance travelled through the water.

Then the young buccaneers joined forces in teams, donning their coding hats to program pirate-ship themed bee-bots. With precision and teamwork, they charted a course through treacherous obstacles to make their way to the coveted treasure marked on their map!

And what's a pirate adventure without a perilous plank walk? The students showcased their building prowess as their creations bravely walked the plank, adding a dash of creativity and engineering flair to their maritime escapade.

This pirate-themed adventure was an exciting way to help our grade 2's hone their skills while delving into science, math and teamwork! Thank you to our students for inviting us into the classroom to learn with you!



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