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UPDATE: COVID-19 Protocols

The following message was sent out to all SPS families on February 9, 2022. 

This is a brief summary of the changes to our current COVID-19 protocols in schools following the Alberta Government’s announcement last evening on the 3 Step Plan for Back to Normal

The government indicated they will update the COVID-19 Information for K-12 Schools and School Buses over the next few days. Once we have that information, we will update our 21-22 School Year Plan and send it to staff and families.

Here is what we know:

  1. Effective Monday, February 14, students will not be required to wear masks in school or on school buses.
    1. Students who choose to continue wearing masks will be supported in that decision.   
  2. Masking is still required for adults, including teachers, administrators, school staff, visitors and bus operators.   
  3. School divisions no longer have the authority to implement division-specific or school-specific student mask mandates.  
  4. Public health measures, such as cohorting and enhanced cleaning remain in schools for the time being.  
  5. The Alberta Health Daily Checklist remains in place - stay home when sick and adhere to legal isolation requirements.

Here is a link to Minister LaGrange’s Letter to School Authorities dated February 8, 2022.

Our website includes all of the information that was shared last evening during Premier Kenney’s announcement - 3 Step Plan for Back to Normal.

Kind regards,

Sturgeon Public Schools

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