Year End Awards

Awards are recognized in four categories that students may excel: Academic, Creative, Athletic and Citizenship.

Guidelines for Primary, Elementary and Junior High Awards

  • Hard Worker (Primary) - presented to students who complete assignments, strive for improvement, and exhibit good work habits.
  • Namao Pride Award - presented to students who are responsible, dependable and obey school and classroom rules contributing to a positive classroom and school environment. 
  • Creativity (Primary) - presented to the student who demonstrates original ideas and is able to express these ideas in a variety of mediums. 
  • Most Improved (Primary) - in academics and/or behaviour.
  • Sportsmanship (Primary) - presented to the student who demonstrates fair play, effort, etiquette in physical education activities and on the playground.
  • Sportsmanship (Elementary) - presented to the student who shows a positive attitude in P.E. and on the playground, accepts defeat as well as success, works well in a team situation and plays by the rules.
  • Book Award (K-9) - book awards are presented to the most deserving student in each homeroom for depicting individual development and contributions to the class and school.
  • Excellence in Music - presented to 2 students in each grade 1 to 5 homeroom who consistently have a positive attitude toward music, participate well and show enthusiasm.

Junior High Sports Awards

  • Sports Award - each of the major team sports will recognize, MVP - Most Valuable Player, MIP - Most Improved Players and Most Sportsmanlike Player, in Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton. 
  • Athlete of the Year - Male and Female.

Fine Arts Awards

  • Elementary
    • Most Improved Gr. 6 Band 
  • Junior High
    • Beginner Band Most Improved
    • Advanced Band Most Improved
    • Band Citizenship Award
    • Beginner Band Proficiency Award
    • Advanced Band Proficiency Award
  • Drama Award - for Leadership skills, Artistic ability, Acting ability and Backstage skills.

Memorial Awards

Dave Bertsch Memorial (Junior High)
Leigh Kilarski Memorial (Gr. 6)
Fran Atkins Memorial (Elementary or Junior High)
Lynne Zenko Memorial (Library)