Students are expected to achieve acceptable grades at Namao School. Kindergarten students should be “Developing as Expected” in their six learning strands. In grades one to three, students need to master their basic skills to achieve “Satisfactory Progress at Grade Level” on their report cards. Grades four to nine students should maintain a minimum average of 50% in each subject on their report cards. Student promotion will be assessed on an individual basis, by teachers and administration. Effort and achievement throughout the year will be considered in student promotion.

If students who have not met grade level expectations by the end of the school year, an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) or “Plan for Improvement” will be developed.

Many supports are offered to improve academic success. These may include:

  • Extra classes at noon or after school
  • Recommendations for academic achievement testing
  • Promoting Academic Success complementary course for Junior High
  • Extra assistance by a special EducationTeacher or Assistant
  • Support from out side Agencies/Professionals
  • Case conferences with Parents

In general students who attend school regularly, put forth effort and have positive home support, experience greater success in school.