First Aid

First-aid is given to any child having an injury at school. If the injury is minor, first aid is administered and no contact made with the home. If the injury is of greater concern, the child’s parents/guardians are contacted by telephone. It is very important that the school has emergency numbers plus necessary medical information. In severe cases, the school will contact the Emergency Response Unit for assistance.

Prescription Medication or Medical Treatment

3.  If a student must receive medication or medical treatment prescribed by a medical practitioner during the school day or during extra-curricular activities, and the student is incapable of self-administration, the following will apply:

3.1 The parent/guardian must request in writing to the Principal that the school store medication and medical treatment equipment to enable:

3.1.1    student self-administration where appropriate (e.g.  asthma inhalers); 

3.1.2    administration of medication and medical treatment.  Written instructions must be signed by the parent/guardian and the physician.

3.1.3    provide the school with written notice of any changes in the medication schedule or of any changes to medical procedures required by the physician.

3.2  Except in the case of accidents and emergencies, no employee shall administer any medication of medical treatment unless they are the assigned designate.

3.3  Only the Principal or designate will administer the medication and/or medical treatment

Non-prescribed Medication

Non-prescribed medication shall not be distributed to any student enrolled in a Division school.