Fundraising in Namao School shall serve to provide goods and services that enhance the instructional, co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the school.


  1. All fund raising shall be carried out under the supervision of the principal or designate.
  2. It is the responsibility of each fundraising organization to ensure that proposed fundraising activities are communicated to all groups who may be involved with raising funds at Namao School.
  3. When fund raising is a joint project between the school and the Namao Fundraising registered society or the school and NAMPA, it is understood that the decision making as to the disbursement of the funds is also a joint responsibility.
  4. An annual financial summary of all fund raising activities conducted during the school year shall be prepared and presented to the community. The statement should be kept on file at the school.
  5. All proposals for fund raising activities shall be submitted to the principal outlining the following:
    • Purpose for the activity
    • Amount of revenue needed
    • Student involvement
    • Beginning and ending days
  6. Participation in fund raising activities at Namao School shall be voluntary and consideration shall be given to factors such as the age and safety of students.
  7. Door-to-door soliciting is discouraged.