Sturgeon Public Schools provides students at Namao School with transportation.  Some general guidelines for riding buses are noted below:

  • Students must provide a BUS PASS to enter onto their assigned school bus
  • only students registered as passengers may ride on their assigned bus
  • students may be denied permission to ride a bus if not properly clothed or not in possession of adequate clothing during cold weather
  • disruptive and/or destructive behavior is prohibited
  • students wishing to ride other than their assigned bus must receive permission from the driver at least 1 day prior to boarding and have written permission from their parent/guardian      
  • most luggage and equipment should be stored, if possible, under the bus seat and stored in a durable case/bag, at the discretion of the driver
  • other bus rules also apply as provided by drivers at the beginning of each school year
  • if a student receives an out of school suspension, he/she cannot ride the bus that day

If you have bus concerns, please direct them first to the bus driver concerned.  If necessary the Director of Transportation (780) 939-4341 may be contacted.