Success at school is increased through regular, punctual attendance.  However, we realize that there may be times when appointments necessitate the student’s absence during school times or when illness or unforeseen events occur.  During these times we ask that students either have a note explaining their absences and that parents/guardians contact the school at 780-973-9191 or email The school absentee phone check will be utilized if parents have not excused their child/children.

Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds during instructional hours except with parents.  For the safety of our students, pick up by others is allowed only with a note from parents. This includes field trips and after school events.

Parents are reminded that a sign-in/out register in the office must be completed when students arrive late or leave the school during regular school hours. Please inform homeroom teachers in advance if possible.

If students miss school regularly, attendance letters will be sent home and case conferences set up as needed.