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Hot Lunch Program

Namao School uses an online application for accepting hot lunch orders for students. This application saves Namao parents, staff and volunteers many hours of time and greatly reduces chance of errors or confusion with orders or payments.

Please note the following:

  • Orders are accepted from the 10th to 20th of the previous month.  I.E. November meals are ordered, October 10th - 20th.
  • Late orders are not accepted after deadline, due to the meal quantities being finalized and placed with suppliers.
  • Hot lunch is provided most Thursdays from October to April (excluding December).
  • No refunds will be granted - meals are pre-ordered.
  • In the event of a "SNOW DAY" hot lunch may have to be cancelled/rescheduled.  Parents are responsible for providing lunch for their children if they are attending school on a "SNOW DAY" when buses DO NOT RUN.
  • Hot lunch is available to Grades 1-9 & Namao School Staff (not available to Headstart/PEP/Kindergarten students, as they are on a different lunch schedule from the rest of the school).
  • Payment can be made online via PayPal only - no cash or cheques accepted.
  • It is necessary to re-register your child(ren) at the beginning of each new school year as there are always many changes to teachers and home rooms. This is only in regards to your namao.hotlunches.net account.  It does not affect your PayPal account.
  • The Namao Hot Lunch Volunteers make every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions and will endeavor to provide that information to parents.  However, Namao Hot Lunch assumes no responsibility for products that "may contain" nuts or other allergens.

Please follow these simple steps to get your family set up:

  1. Visit namao.hotlunches.net
  2. At the login screen, select “Click here to register”
    • The school access code is NSHL
    • Your user id format should be firstname.lastname – for example john.doe
  3. Once you have filled in the information, select “Register for an Account”
  4. Select “Profile”, then select “Add Students”
  5. Please create an entry for each child you have attending Namao School so that their order goes to the correct classroom.
  6. Once you are registered your account must be verified by the hot lunch committee.  This is a one time thing with registration only and will not be necessary each time you are placing an order. 
  7. Once you have been verified, you may then go in and place your orders by clicking the tab that says ORDERS, then click STUDENT ORDERS.  Then proceed to place a separate order for each child.
  8. Once all orders have been placed, then proceed to payment. Payment will be received via PayPal only. Cheques or cash will not accepted.  An order is not complete until payment has been made. 

If you require assistance, please email us at: namaohotlunch@gmail.com